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如果害怕失去你就放弃拥有的权利,那么人生也就失去了它的意义。有哲理的英文句子【篇1】每一颗大树的成长,要接受阳光,也要包容风雨。Every big tree's growth, to accept the sun, also should tolerate the wind and rain.白白的过一天,无所事事,就像犯了窃盗罪一样。White day, doing nothing, just like made a larceny.年轻时我们放弃,以为那只是一段感情,后来才知道,那其实是一生。Young when we give up, thought it was just a relationship, afterwards just know, that is life.我们的脑袋里可以长皱纹,但我们的观念里却不能长皱纹。We can head wrinkles, but we cannot grow wrinkles in our ideas.无论何时,抉择一定要放在努力的前面。No matter when, choice must be put in the front of the efforts.人的一生,想要幸福,就要有预知未来的能力。Person's life, want to be happy, we must have the ability to predict the future.我们今天的生活是三年以前抉择的,我们三年以后的生活是今天抉择的。Our today's life is a choice of three years ago, we after three years of life's choices today.如果说美貌是推荐信,那么善良就是信用卡。If beauty is a letter of recommendation, so good is the credit card.我们不是没有好的机会,我们是没有好的观念。We are not without a good opportunity, we are not a good idea.做好人,靠的是一颗善良的心;做老好人靠的是一张善变的脸。Be good, is a kind heart; Do good man is a fickle face.生命太过短暂,今天放弃了明天不一定能得到。Life is too short, tomorrow to give up today can not get it.来是偶然的,走是必然的。所以你必须,随缘不变,不变随缘。To be accidental, go is inevitable. So you have to, pay the same, the same fate.我有一颗水晶般的心,可别人以为是玻璃的。I have a crystal heart, but other people think is glass.做好人,靠的是一颗善良的心。做老好人,靠的是一张善变的脸。Be good, by a kind heart. Do a nice guy, is a fickle face.谎言像一朵盛开的鲜花,外表美丽,生命短暂。A lie like a blooming flowers, appearance beautiful, life is short.漂亮只能为别人提供眼福,却不一定换到幸福。Beautiful can only provide pleasure to others, but not necessarily in happiness.最漆黑的那段路,最痛苦的那段路,最终要自己走完。The darkest period of road, the most painful it was, eventually to himself.生活就像我的歌声,时而不靠谱,时而不着调。Life is like my song, sometimes without spectrum, sometimes not.顺境的时候一定要找出路,逆境的时候才会有退路。Must appeared in prosperity, adversity when there will be a retreat.不是强者就一定会赢,而只有赢的才是强者!Not only the strong will to win, win is the strong!叹气是最浪费时间的事情,哭泣是最浪费力气的行径。Sigh is one of the most waste of time things, crying is the most waste energy.【篇2】如果必须失去,但愿是忧愁!如果必须遗忘,但愿是烦恼!If you have to lose, I hope that is sad! If you must forget, I wish is trouble!生活就是,大烦恼压小烦恼,小烦恼不吵不闹。Life is, the big worry the small trouble, small trouble not noisy.梦想是一场华美的旅途,每个人在找到它之前,都只是孤独的少年。Dream is a beautiful journey, before everyone to find it, is just lonely boy.树的孤独,风知道;左手的想法,右手明了。The tree of loneliness and wind know, The left, right and clear.成功了而没有快乐,是的失败。Success without happiness, is the biggest failure.人生就像自助餐,输了付钱,还要付出行动才能吃到。Life is like a buffet, lost the pay, but also act to eat.没有目标的人永远为有目标的人去努力。No target for targeted people forever.做人不成功,成功是暂时的;做人成功,不成功也是暂时的。Life is not successful, success is temporary; To be successful, not successful is temporary.当后悔取代了梦想,一个人才算老了。When regrets take the place of dreams a man is not old.女人喜欢的是让她笑的男人,而真正爱的却是让她哭的男人。Women like is let her smile of men, but real love is to let her cry of man.宁可被人笑一时,不可被人笑一辈子。Would rather be laughed at that time, do not smile for a lifetime.我们不知道的事情不等于没发生,我们不了解的事情不等于不存在。We don't know is not equal to didn't happen, we do not know the things is not equal to does not exist.人生犹如一本书,愚蠢者草草翻过,聪明人细细阅读。Life is like a book, the foolish carelessly, the wise one read it carefully.宁可自己去原谅别人,莫让别人来原谅你。Better to forgive others, don't let others to forgive you.如果你不是经常遇到挫折,这表明诺做的事情没有很大的创新性。If you are not often encountered setbacks, this suggests that's not very innovative.这个世界上我只相信两个人,一个是我,另一个不是你。I believe that only two people in this world, one is me, another is not you.活在别人的掌声中,是禁不起考验的人。Live in other people's applause, is the person who cannot afford the test.【篇3】所有的不如意的事,到最后都是好事。All the unpleasant things, in the end is a good thing.改变自己,是自救,影响别人,是救人。Change yourself, is a self-help, influence others, is to save.困难困难,困在家里就难;出路出路,走出去就有路。It is difficult to difficult difficult, trapped in the home; Way way out, come out and you have a road.起点是今生,终点是来世,上车要遵守天长地久规则!Is this life starting point, the end point was the afterlife, get on the bus to obey the everlasting rules!征服世界,并不伟大,一个人能征服自己,才是世界上最伟大的人。To conquer the world, is not great, a person can conquer himself, is the greatest person in the world.思念不能自己,痛苦不能自理,结果不能自取,幸福不能自予。Thoughts can't own, pain cannot provide for oneself, the result can't come undone, happiness can be.等与不等,我都等了。在与不在乎,我都已经在乎了。And vary, such as: I've been waiting for. In and don't care, I have to care about.你不能让所有人满意,因为不是所有的人都是人!You can't let everyone satisfied, because not all people are people!烟用燃烧自己的方式了解世人;酒用稀释自己的方式安慰世人。Cigarette burning their own way to understand the world; Wine with dilute their own way to comfort the world.人人都觉得永远会很远,其实它可能短暂得看不见。Everyone thinks will always be far away, in fact, it may be a temporary can't see.仿佛什么都有期限,爱情或者友情,以及更多更多。As if nothing has a deadline, love or friendship, more and more.生命是充满遗憾的篇章,因为她没有机会让你修改病句。Life is full of regret, because she didn't have a chance to let you modify pragmatically.当你将信心放在自己身上时,你将永远充满力量。When you put faith in yourself, you will always be full of power.睡觉是为了踏实地工作,工作是为了踏实睡觉。Sleep in order to work steadfastly, work is to sleep.能够把自己压得低低的,那才是真正的尊贵。Can low pressure himself, that is the true honor.每个成功男人的背后,都有个折磨他的女人。Behind every successful man, there is a woman tortured him.金钱不是万能的,但没有金钱是万万不能的。Money is not everything, but no money is nothing.男人因为孤独而优秀,女人因为优秀而孤独。Man excellent because of loneliness, lonely because of the good.人生没有彩排,每天都在现场直播。A life without a dress rehearsal, live every day.女人当自强,不要把男人当成自己的所以,他也只是个辅助。Women when self-improvement, don't put the man as their own, so he is an auxiliary.我们无法浪费时间,我们浪费的只是我们自己。We can't waste time, we just waste of our own.认识自己,降伏自己,改变自己,才能改变别人。Know themselves, yield themselves, change yourself to change others.