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关于表白的英文句子【篇一】我感觉到你的真诚,谢谢你的真诚。I feel your sincerity, thank you for your sincerity.即使全世界都背叛你,我也会站在你身边背叛全世界。Even if the whole world betrayed you, I will stand beside you to betray the whole world.我不要短暂的温存,只要你一世的陪伴。I love you, as long as I accompanied.就把你深深藏在我心中。You hide in my heart deeply.在茫茫人海中,看到了你的身影,心是第一次这样的颤动!In the vast sea of humanity, to see your shadow, the heart is the first time such a tremor!我不要短暂的温存,只要你一世的陪伴!I love you, as long as I accompanied!不是因为寂寞才想你,而是因为想你才寂寞。I miss you not because of my loneliness but I do feel lonely when I miss you.如果不要,你叫他帮你介绍个男朋友,就说他的名字。If you do not, you ask him to help you introduce a boyfriend, he said his name.很后悔认识了你,你让我感受到你不在我身边时的痛苦。I regret to know you, you let me feel the pain when you are not around me.你是我生命中所能经历的,最最深切的感觉!You are my life, the most profound feeling!白昼与黑夜将无法阻挡我俩的深深思念!Day and night will not be able to stop the deep thoughts of both of us!看着你的眼,我看见了大海,蓝天;更看到了美丽的未来!Looking at your eyes, I saw the sea, the blue sky; more to see the beautiful future!我要你当我孩子的妈,我孩子指名要你喔。I want you to be the mother of my children, my child named you oh.生命里,最舍不得的那一页,总是藏得最深。Life, the most reluctant to the one page, always hide the deepest.只因你太美好令我无法坦白说出我爱你。Just because you are too good to be honest I can't tell you that I love you.总是想念着你,虽然我们无法共同拥有每分每秒。Always miss you, although we can not together have each minute.爱你,藏在我心里,暖在你心!Love you, hidden in my heart, warm in your heart!爱一个人,就要相信自己能给她的幸福!To love a person, you must believe that you can give her the greatest happiness!亲爱的,你能嫁给我吗我嫁给你也行!Honey, can you marry me, I'll marry you!不知道爱你算不算是一个贴心的理由?Don't know love you count is a close reason?和你在一起只是我不想给任何人机会。With you just I don't want to give anyone the chance.能够遇见你,对我来说是的幸福。To meet you, for me, is the greatest happiness.遇见你是命运的安排而爱上你是我情不自禁。Meeting you was fate, and falling in love with you was when I couldn't help myself.在每一个有你相伴的夜,不再过于寂寥冷清。In every one of your companions night, never lonely lonely.好笑吗?身边没你,好怪,陪我一生一世好吗?Funny? Around you, good strange, with my whole life, OK?【篇二】我已经给了你足够的时间从我的身边逃走现在,时间到。I've given you enough time to run away from me now, time to.你在我心中永远是最有气质最特别和吸引力的。You are always the most special and the most attractive in my heart.将你心再加上我的心,就算痛苦滋味也愿意尝。Put your heart into my heart, even if the pain is also willing to taste.我想未来我一定会天天陪你上市场。I think the future I will accompany you every day on the market.你离我远吗?一点也不,藏在我的心里呢。Are you far away from me? Not at a point, but in my heart.不知道爱你算不算是一个贴心的理由。Don't know love you count is a close reason.陪你到你想去的地方,用心走完我们人生的余下的旅程。Accompany you to where you want to go, go through the rest of our lives.思念就像河流般,滔滔不绝地流向大海,流向我的心房。Missing is like a river, flowing to the sea, to my heart.做不了你的太阳,就让我做你的影子。Can't do your sun, let me be your shadow.我想对你爱恋的极短诗篇升华为漫长的生活散文。I want to love you very short poems for the sublimation of life essays.生命是幻觉,可是我需要你在身边。Life is an illusion, but I need you by my side.我爱你,为了你的幸福,我愿意放弃一切包括你。I love you, for your happiness, I am willing to give up everything, including you.玫瑰,你的;巧克力,你的;钻戒,你的;你,我的。Rose, chocolate, you; you; your diamond ring, you and me.好好照顾自己我不想等到下辈子再来爱你!Take good care of yourself, I don't want to wait until the next life to love you!忆归期,数归期,梦见虽多相遇稀,何日重逢,不再分离?The number of return, return, although the dream encounter thin, when again, no longer separated?首先,我要感谢上帝,让我又在这里遇上了你。First of all, I would like to thank God, let me in here to meet you.孤单不是与生俱来,而是由你爱上一个人的那一刻开始。Alone is not born, but by the moment you fall in love with a person.亲爱的我爱你就象老鼠爱大米不能一天没有你。Dear I love you like a mouse love rice can not be a day without you.26.jpg【篇三】我爱你的心是直到世界末日也不变。I love your heart until the end of the world is not the same.你就是我最困难时的那位永远支持我的人!You are the one who always supported me when I was in trouble!等待不是为了你能回来而是让自己找借口不离开。Waiting is not for you to come back, but to find an excuse not to leave.我还爱着你,只不过少了一些非要在一起的执着。I still love you, but less of a number of non - to be together.问你一个好傻的问题,如果我喜欢上了你,该怎么办?Ask you a silly question, if I like you, how should I do?喝了你酿的爱情的酒,如果没有续杯,情愿渴一辈子。You'd love to drink the wine, if not more, reluctantly thirst for life.和你在一起只是我不想给任何人机会!With you just I don't want to give anyone the chance!我会做你的耳朵,倾听那走调式的专属。I will do your ears, listen to the exclusive mode of the exclusive.在我心中任何时刻都只有想你!爱你!At any moment in my heart, I just want to think of you! Love you!谁说你作的菜难以下口?我会每天回家吃晚饭!Who says you're not making the dishes? I will go home every day for dinner!爱情使人忘记时间,时间也使人忘记爱情。Love makes people forget time, time also makes people forget love.我希望睡前最后看到的是你。I hope to see you at the end of the bed.我门像是两条平行线永远不能坦白面对面。My door is like two parallel lines will never be able to face to face.每天我的动力就是见到你,并和你说说话。My motivation is to see you and talk to you every day.有你,我的生活才充满快乐。今晚我们共进晚餐吧?Have you, my life is full of happiness. Shall we have dinner tonight?因为知道不能没有你,所以我会更珍惜。Because I know I can't be without you, so I will treasure.只有你知我的情绪,也只有你能带给我情绪。Only you know my emotions, only you can give me the mood.【用英语表白的句子【三篇】】由中国教育考试门户网站无忧考网提供,更多英语资源最新信息和伟德1946英国资源欢迎访问【英语资源】频道。相关推荐生日英语祝福语【三篇】生日英语祝福语【三篇】【导语】值得纪念的日子,原世界因为有了你而更加美好,生日快乐。以下“生日英语祝福语【三篇】”由无忧考网整理发布,欢迎阅读参考!更多相关讯息请关注无忧...2019-05-24表示祝福的英语句子【三篇】表示祝福的英语句子【三篇】【导语】银波为笺,风帆为词,祝福您无忧无虑,乘风破浪,开拓远大前程。无忧考网整理了表示祝福的英语句子【三篇】,快来看看吧!希望能帮助到你~更多相关讯息...2019-05-24对毕业生的英语祝福语【三篇】对毕业生的英语祝福语【三篇】【导语】珍惜昨天,再以百倍的热情拥抱今天,那么,你就一定拥有美好的明天。欢迎阅读无忧考网为大家精心整理的“对毕业生的英语祝福语【三篇】”!更多相关讯...2019-05-24帅气洒脱的英文游戏昵称【三篇】帅气洒脱的英文游戏昵称【三篇】【导语】现如今游戏是人们必不可少的一种娱乐方式,在游戏中取一个好听的英文名可以突显自己的个性,无忧考网整理了帅气洒脱的英文游戏昵称【三篇】,快来看看...2019-05-24有格调的英伦风味英文微信网名【三篇】有格调的英伦风味英文微信网名【三篇】【导语】现在是个潮流的社会,你不能太过落伍,每个人需要一个好听有气质的英文网名。欢迎阅读无忧考网为大家精心整理的“有格调的英伦风味英文微信网名【三篇...2019-05-24