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在寻求真理的长河中,唯有学习,不断地学习,勤奋地学习,有创造性地学习,才能越重山跨峻岭。关于学习的英语名人名言【三篇】【篇一】惜时专心苦读是做学问的一个好方法。——蔡尚思precious little time to concentrate on studying is a good way to learning.努力学习,勤奋工作,让青春更加光彩。——王光美study hard, work hard, make the youth more glorious.学习知识要善于思考,思考,再思考。——爱因斯坦learning knowledge to be good at thinking, thinking, think again.学习要有三心,一信心,二决心,三恒心。——陈景润learning to have three heart, a confidence, the determination, perseverance.对所学知识内容的兴趣可能成为学习动机。——赞科夫the contents of the knowledge in interest could be learning motivation.年轻只知学习营利,乃生命中最黯淡之时刻。——格里尔young only study profit, is the moment of life's most bleak.如果不想在世界上虚度一生,那就要学习一辈子。——高尔基if you don't want to wasted life in the world, that is about to study for a lifetime.治学有三大原则:广见闻,多阅读,勤实验。——戴布劳格利research has three principles: understanding, reading more, frequently experiments.人永远是要学习的。死的时候,才是毕业的时候。——萧楚女people will always be to learn. when he died, is graduated.读书是学习,使用也是学习,而且是更重要的学习。——毛泽东reading is learning, is also learning to use, and it is more important to study.在学习上做一眼勤手勤脑勤,就可以成为有学问的人。——吴晗in learning to do diligent hardworking brain attendance, can be learned.看书和学习是思想的经常营养,是思想的无穷发展。——冈察洛夫reading and learning is often nutrition, is the endless development of thought.【篇二】学习必须与实干相结合。——泰戈尔learning must be combined with work.学习本无底,前进莫旁徨。——报摘lu by learning this bottomless, forward.倘能生存,我当然仍要学习。——鲁迅if can live, of course i still want to learn.人要独立生活,学习有用的技艺。——凯德people to independent living, learning useful skills.发奋识遍天下字,立志读尽人间书。——苏轼vigorous knowledge all over the world, to read all books in the world.学如逆水行舟,不进则退。——《增广贤文》learn like a stream, not to advance is to go back.教学必须从学习者已有的经验开始。——杜威teaching must start from learners of the existing experience.学会学习的人,是非常幸福的人。——米南德learning to learn, who is very happy.活着就要学习,学习不是为了活着。——培根to live is to learn, not learn to live.立身以立学为先,立学以读书为本。——欧阳修des cription: to learn first, learn to read for this.学习从来无捷径,循序渐进登**。——高永祚learning never shortcut, step by step climb peak.我们要像海绵一样吸收有用的知识。——加里宁we should absorb useful knowledge like a sponge.劳动教养了身体,学习教养了心灵。——史密斯reeducation through labor body, nurturing the heart study.【篇三】构成我们学习障碍的是已知的东西,而不是未知的东西。——贝尔纳make up our biggest obstacle to learning is known, not unknown things.人的天才只是火花,要想使它成熊熊火焰,哪就只有学习!学习。——高尔基genius is only a spark, if you want to make it into the flames, which is only learning! learning.当你还不能对自己说今天学到了什么东西时,你就不要去睡觉。——利希顿堡when you can't say to yourself what learned today, don't you go to sleep.把学问过于用作装饰是虚假;完全依学问上的规则而断事是书生的怪癖。——培根the learning too used as adornment is false; fully in accordance with the rules of learning and a judge is a scholar of quirks.正确的道路是这样:吸取你的前辈所做的一切,然后再往前走。——列夫·托尔斯泰this is the right path: draw your predecessors have done, and then move on.生活的全部意义在于无穷地探索尚未知道的东西,在于不断地增加更多的知识。——左拉the whole meaning of life lifes in the continuous exploration has yet to know things, is constantly adding more knowledge.我们一定要给自己提出这样的任务:第一,学习,第二是学习,第三还是学习。——列宁we must give oneself put forward such tasks: first, the study, the second is the study, the third is still learning.学习要注意到细处,不是粗枝大叶的,这样可以逐步学习摸索,找到客观规律。——徐特立learn to notice even, not careless, learning, so that we can gradually find the objective laws.保持和培养每个学生的自尊心,取决于教师如何看待学生的个人学习成绩。——苏霍姆林斯基maintain and develop each student's self-esteem, depends on teachers how to see the students' individual learning.必须记住我们学习的时间有限的。时间有限,不只由于人生短促,更由于人事纷繁。——斯宾塞must remember our learning time is limited. time is limited, not only because of the shortness of life, more because of the numerous and complicated.在学习中,在劳动中,在科学中,在为人民的忘我服务中,你可以找到自己的幸福。——捷连斯基in learning, in the work, in science, in the dedication service for the people, you can find your own happiness.我们应该赞美岩石的坚定。我们应该学习岩石的坚定。我们应该对**有着坚强的信念。——陶铸we should praise rock solid. we should learn the rock. we should have a strong belief.礼貌是一种语言。它的规则与实行,主要要从观察,从那些有教养的人们举止上去学习。——洛克politeness is a kind of language. its rules and practice, mainly from the observation, from those educated people up learning behavior.爱情是一个不可缺少的但它只能是推动我们前进的加速器,而不是工作学习的绊脚石。——张志新love is a indispensable but it can only be the accelerator that propels us forward, rather than a stumbling block to work and study.生命是一种语言,它为我们转达了某种真理;如果以另一种方式学习它,我们将不能生存。——叔本华life is a kind of language, it conveyed a truth for us; if to learn it in another way, we will be unable to survive.先生不应该专教书,他的责任是教人做人;学生不应该专读书,他的责任是学习人生之道。——陶行知should not be designed teaching, his responsibility is to teach the person; students should not only reading, his duty is to study the way of life.人生最宝贵的是生命,人生最需要的是学习,人生最愉快的是工作,人生最重要的是友谊。——斯大林life's most precious is life, life need most is to learn, work is the most happy life, the most important thing in life is friendship.如果学生在学校里学习的结果是使自己什么也不会创造,那他的一生永远是模仿和抄袭。——列夫·托尔斯泰if the result of students study in school is to make yourself what also can't create, that his life is always imitating and copying.