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Our personal strengths are part of what makes us unique as individuals, and part of the value we offer to the world around us. If we’re not aware of our personal strengths, however, we don’t always utilize them as fully as we could, and we potentially miss out on true fulfilment in our lives and careers.每个人不一样的优点造就了我们每个人的唯一性,我们也能用我们的优点为周围的人提供帮助,如果我们还不知道自己的优点,就没法充分地利用它,我们也可能就错过了实现我们个人的价值和成就事业的机会。In this post, you’ll discover 10 ways to find your personal strengths. You might find that some of the methods below are more effective for you than others, so cherry-pick the techniques that resonate.在本文中有10种方法可以帮你找出自己的优点。你会发现,以下的某些方法可能对你会更有效,择优挑选那些对你有用的方法吧。image.pngNotice what you enjoy留心一下自己喜欢的是些什么The kinds of activities we enjoy doing are often an indicator of the skills we naturally enjoy. Take a few moments to think about the things you really love to do, and look at the underlying elements that enrich these experiences for you. Can you see any patterns or shared skills among these things?我们很喜欢做的往往就暗含着我们原本就很喜欢用的方法,花几分钟去思考一下你真正喜欢做的是什么,找出能增加你经验的重要因素。看看你是否能找到一些固定的模式,或者一些共通方法呢?Ask trusted friends and family问问你信赖的家人和朋友Sometimes it can be hard to judge our strengths with accuracy. Many of us come from cultures where it’s polite to be modest, and this can make it hard to identify our own strengths without any outside help. Ask trusted friends or family who know you well what they think your personal strengths are, and see if any of the answers surprise you.有时我们自己很难精准的找出我们自己的优点。许多人所认可的文化是谦逊礼貌型的,所以如果没有别人的帮助,我们很难弄清我们自己的优点。问问你信赖的家人和朋友,在他们心中你的优点是什么,看看是否会有让自己吃惊地答案出现呢?What qualities do you like in yourself?你喜欢自己身上的哪些品质呢?The qualities you particularly like about yourself will give you some indication of your personal strengths. For example, if you like the fact that you stick to your goals and see them through, even when the going gets tough, one of your personal strengths might be discipline or determination.你喜欢自己身上的这些品质特点往往也暗示着你个人的优点哦。比如,你喜欢你自己坚持完成目标,并一直付诸行动的特点。尤其是当事情变得棘手的时候,你的优点就会变成坚持做完这件事的决心。What kind of work do you do and what makes you good at that work?你做的是什么工作呢?是什么让你胜任这份工作的呢?Think about what you enjoy about your work and why. If you’re struggling to find much that is enjoyable, consider what’s missing instead.仔细想想你喜欢做什么样的工作?为什么喜欢?如果你很难找出你喜欢的,思考一下,是不是其中却少了点什么。Take an online test做个bv1946伟德测试If you want a more impartial reflection of your personal strengths, try taking one of the many available online tests.如果你想要一个更公正的反映你优点的方法,那就试试一些网络的bv1946伟德测试吧What leaves you feeling energised?是什么让你觉得精神百倍呢?We’ve already looked at the activities and skills you enjoy, and now it’s time to look at what leaves you feeling energised. Another way of approaching this is to think back to times you were in what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes as “flow”. When we are in “flow”, time passes quickly and we feel engrossed in the task at hand. Looking at the skills required for these tasks will give you further clues about your personal strengths.我们已经讨论了你喜欢的活动和方法,现在也该找出让你精神百倍的原因了。另一个方法就是回想米哈里?契克森米哈赖教授在“流模型”中所提到的时间问题。在这个“流模型”中,当我们沉迷于正在进行的工作的时候,我们就会感觉的精力充沛,时间过得也非常快。找到做这些工作所需的技能也会为你找出自己的优点提供更多的线索哦。What makes you proud?是什么让你引以为豪?Think about three instances in your life when you really felt proud of the way you acted or responded. What was it about your action or response that left you feeling proud? What values did you display and why do you feel proud of the way you acted?想想让你在生活中真正引以为豪的三个例子,是你的什么行动或反应让你觉得很自豪呢?是什么原因让你觉得很自豪呢?你是因为你的哪些行为觉得很自豪呢?Who are your role models? What strengths do you admire in them?谁是你的偶像呢?他们的哪些品质是你所敬佩的呢?Most of us have role models in our business and personal lives, and these can provide clues to our own personal strengths. Look for the strengths you admire about your particular role models, then think about whether you demonstrate any of those strengths yourself.在我们工作和生活中,偶像的一些优点也能帮助我们发现自己的优点,找出偶像身上你特别敬佩的那些优点,然后思考你自己是不是也有这些优点What feedback do you notice from people in day-to-day life ?在平时的生活中别人反馈给你的是一些什么信息?This tip might sound similar to number 2, but there’s a crucial difference: Whereas the second tip involved approaching and asking people for feedback, this tip involves looking for feedback in everyday interactions. This is useful as it can provide a more accurate reflection of how other people truly perceive your strengths, rather their self-reported perception.这一点可能看起来与第二点相似,但这里有一个很重要的区别:第二点它包含试探和询问别人的意见,而这一点涉及你在与别人的交流互动中寻找获得反馈信息。这一点是很有用的,因为它可以从别人客观的感知中提供给你一个更准确的反馈信息,而不是他们主观的感知。Which strengths resonate with you?你所赞同的是你的哪些优点?Take a look at a list of personal strengths and notice which personal strengths stand out to you. We are often drawn to the strengths that we display ourselves, so think about where each o the strengths that resonate show up in your professional and personal life.看一看你所列出的优点,观察一下是哪些优点让你脱颖而出。我们通常都向别人展示出这些优点,想想,通常我们的这些优点都表现在哪些地方。