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It's time to tap into your everyday joy.是时候挖掘一下你每天的乐趣啦。Big moments in life — weddings, births, new jobs, graduations — are special, but appreciating the smaller, daily occurrences can really maintain your happiness.生活中的重要时刻——婚礼、诞生、新工作、毕业,无疑都是特别的,但是对日常生活中发生的那些不起眼的小事报以感激,可以真正让你保持快乐。Here we've rounded up some tiny, joyful moments that never fail to lift everyone's mood. There's glee to be found in even the smallest circumstances:这里,我们整理了一些一定会使每个人情绪高昂的快乐小瞬间。甚至在那些最不起眼的境况中,也会发现快乐:image.png1. When your boss gives you a compliment. Genuine compliments are way more meaningful thansuperficial praise. If your boss gives you sincere accolades for your work on something, you know they mean it.1、当你老板称赞你的时候。真正的称赞是比肤浅的表扬更有意义的方式。如果你的老板因你的工作表现而真心称赞你,你知道他们是认真的。2. An upbeat conversation with a stranger. Research shows that social interactions with strangers can boost feelings of happiness.2、与陌生人的一次愉快对话。研究表明与陌生人的社交互动可以增加幸福感。3. Finding a parking space in a crowded lot.3、在一个拥挤的地方找到了一个停车位。4. When the weather is perfect. That skip in your step on a spring day isn't all in your head. Studies suggest weather has an influence on your mood.4、当天气非常好的时候。春日里,你走在路上时轻快的蹦跳并不是你脑海中所想的。研究表明天气会影响你的情绪。5. Taking a warm shower. Ahhh. Not only is it relaxing, it may help regulate your body temperature for better sleep.5、来一次暖和的淋浴。啊啊啊~淋浴不仅能使人放松,而且可以帮助你调节体温、改善睡眠质量。6. When your favorite artist comes out with new music. Music has a direct influence on your mood — even sad songs can evoke positive emotions. Turn the volume up.6、当你最喜爱的音乐家出新专辑的时候。音乐能直接影响你的情绪——甚至悲伤音乐也能激发积极情绪。把音量开大点。7. Finding money in your pocket. It's like your own miniature version of winning the lottery.7、在口袋里找到钱。这就像你自己的彩票中奖迷你版本。8. When you finally get some peace and quiet. A little silence is good for your soul. Research suggests it could relieve stress and give your brain a much-needed break.8、当你终于平静一些的时候。沉默一会儿对你的心灵是有好处的。研究表明它可以释放压力并让你急需休息的大脑放松一下。9. Snail mail. There's just something about a tangible invitation or letter that brings glee. It's way better than your inbox — which inevitably stresses you out.9、邮寄信件。一些有形的邀请或信件会带来欢乐。这是比电子邮件更好的方式,因为(电子邮箱中的)邮件必然会让你紧张。10. The first few moments after a fresh snowfall. Is there anything more serene?10、刚下过雪的那一瞬间。还有什么比这更能使人平静的吗?11. Crawling into bed with fresh sheets. There's just something about a well-made bed that instantly puts your mind at ease.11、爬上铺着新床单的床。一张铺好的床瞬间就让你觉得舒适。12. When you cut a mango or avocado perfectly around the pit. Sweet, sweet success.12、当你完美地沿着果核切开一个芒果或牛油果的时候。甜蜜的成就。13. When someone surprises you with flowers. Any expression of gratitude — whether you're on the giving or receiving end — can improve your well-being.13、当某人用鲜花给你惊喜的时候。任何致谢——不论你是给予的一方或收获的一方——都能增加幸福感。14. When you recognize someone wearing your favorite team's jersey or in another country. Hive fives all around.14、当你发现有人穿着你最喜爱队伍的队服或是在另一个国家看到这样一个人的时候。跟周围的人击掌吧~15. The feeling you get after booking a trip. Start packing. Research shows planning a vacation can boost your happiness.15、在预定了一趟旅行后你体会到的感受。开始打包。研究表明计划一次休假可以增加幸福感。16. Listening to a baby giggle. Honestly, there's no better sound in the world. Go on and laugh with them — studies show laughing can boost your happiness and even lower your blood pressure.16、听听婴儿的笑声。老实说,世界上没有比这更动听的声音了。听着并跟他们一起笑吧!研究表明大笑能增加幸福感,甚至能降血压。17. The look on your pet's face when they see you. Now that's unconditional love. Research shows pet ownership makes you happier.17、当你的宠物看到你时他们脸上的表情。那就是无条件的爱。研究表明拥有宠物能增加幸福感。18. Having a really good date with a loved one. It could be a significant other or just your best friend. Hanging with the special people in your life can reduce stress.18、跟你喜爱的一个人来一次真正美好的约会。可以是对你很重要的一个人或者只是你最好的朋友。跟你生命中特别的人一起闲逛能减轻压力。19. When your food comes at a restaurant. One word: mouthwatering.19、当在饭店里你点的食物上桌的时候。一句话:令人垂涎。20. The moment when you realize you're incredibly content. A day with no complaints? That's the good stuff. Happiness looks good on you.20、当你意识到你非常满足的瞬间。一天都没有抱怨?那很不错。你幸福的样子看起来很不错。